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Cape Cod's namesake fish population rapidly disappearing - Los Angeles Times

Today's catch: pounds of skate, a fish that looks like a sting ray until fishermen catch it, when they cut off its wings and throw the body back into the water. The skate wings, white triangular pieces of flesh trailed by streams of blood, slide down ...

The Salmon Cannon: Easier Than Shooting Fish Out Of A Barrel - NPR (blog)

Ever since rivers have been dammed, destroying the migration routes of salmon, humans have worked to create ways to help the fish return to their spawning grounds. We've built ladders and elevators; we've carried them by hand and transported them in ...

Study shows fish safe to eat, despite algal bloom - Mansfield News Journal

PORT CLINTON – Despite toxic algal blooms, fish from Lake Erie are safe to eat, according to early results of a study from Ohio State University. Researchers have finished one year of the study into how harmful algae affects walleye, yellow perch and ...

Cousins ready to scale up growth at Iowa fish farm - USA TODAY

The fact that they opened a fish-farming business at all speaks to their grasp of basic business principles — empty buildings don't produce income — and of The Big Picture, which illustrates resources being sucked up at an alarming rate and a world ...

Outdoor writer Dave Graybill hooks eight fish species on one trip at Potholes -

Sometimes we had to grab the others rod while they were doing something in the boat or were landing another fish. It was wild. Meseberg was right; this is a multi species time on Potholes. We ended up catching eight different species, including perch, ...

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